Is InvisiMist the Future of Portable Air Conditioners?

People may be finding it difficult to think warmer weather could be coming right now but it’s on its way. Slowly but surely. It’s been shown that the colder the winter is the warmer the summer will be so it’s best to prepare ahead of time. One way to get ready is to get your hands on a portable air conditioner.

A portable air conditioner is a fantastic way to stay cool if you need something other than a central air cooling system or want something on top of your current system. A portable AC is also the ideal solution for people living in apartments as many apartments don’t have central air cooling and have strict HOAs that mean you can’t use a window unit. They also offer an option for homeowners to save on the exuberant energy bills that come with keeping cool. A portable air conditioner means that you’re only paying for the rooms you stay in rather than the whole house.

Portable air conditioners have come a long way since the technology was first introduced. One such advancement was dual hose configurations. This is where air is brought in from outside the room as well as inside of it. This makes the air conditioner far more efficient. Using an automatic timer lets you schedule when the unit works which gives you control and can save you a lot of time and money. Self-evaporative technology will evaporate and exhaust the moisture in a room as well as the warm air so you stay dry as well as cool. Those are just some of the ways that air conditioning has changed and become more efficient and convenient. The latest evolution that can change everything comes from Avallon.

Avallon Portable Air Conditioners
Avallon recently released their latest line of top-notch portable air conditioners. These air conditioners come in 12,000 BTU and 14,000 BTU outputs and offer plenty of cooling while looking cool in platinum and slate grey. They come with everything you’d expect a top-end air conditioner to come with – the dual-hose configuration, self-evaporating technology, a large coverage area, multiple speeds, an automatic timer, and also an automatic mode that does a good job running itself. They also come with one of the latest advents; InvisiMist technology.

What is InvisiMist?
The best portable air conditioners will also remove moisture as well as heat. Unfortunately not every drop of moisture can be pulled out of the more humid areas of your home. If this happens the water is collected in an internal reservoir. InvisiMist takes the water in this reservoir and removes it.

How does InvisiMust Technology Work?
InvisiMist technology uses an internal pump, water line, and misting nozzle in order to remove water. Sensors automatically detect when the reservoir has been filled up and then prompt the unit to remove the water. This starts with the internal pump moving the water from the reservoir through the connected water line. It then travels through the line until it reaches the misting nozzle at the exhaust end. Finally the misting nozzle turns the water into a fine mist and sprays it harmlessly outside the unit.

What Are the Benefits of Using InvisiMist Technology?
While every air conditioner has one of these reservoirs they tend to automatically shut off when they fill up. Most units will not alert you to this and you need to realise it for yourself and then get rid of the water and restart the unit. It’s often a bothersome chore to do and is especially cumbersome for people with physical limitations.

It’s even worse if the portable air conditioner shuts down when you are away from the room or asleep. You can wake up in a hot sweat or return to the room and discover it’s become incredibly humid in your absence. Avallon’s InvisiMist technology can work even in the most humid of environments to ensure that your air conditioner never stops working because it gets full.

If you’re looking at picking up a portable air conditioner then the range of Avallon portable air conditioners are something you need to look at. While they do come with a higher-end price tag they also offer you far more than your average air conditioner unit. If you don’t mind having to manually empty the water reservoir yourself then you may not feel the extra investment is worth it. If you live on the coast or want an air conditioner that can take care of itself then an InvisiMist air conditioner is definitely for you.


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