High Tech Beauty Products That are Worth the Money

There are some treatments out there with high price tags and low results. Then there are products that manage to deliver on their promises. The following beauty products may be high tech and high price but they’re definitely worth the money.

Keeping Wrinkles at Bay

There are plenty of LED light therapy devices you can use at home these days but perhaps the most effective is the Quasar MD. It’s a handheld device that uses natural red and infrared light energy and can be as effective as the machines used by medical professionals. This light energy is used by the body to increase blood flow to give you a rosy complexion. It also stimulates the production of collagen to reduce wrinkles. It can be used for just 15 minutes per treatment and will set you back $795.

Beard Trimmers

Well, what can we say about Beards? Men have absolutely gone all in on the bearded look over the past couple of years. Choosing your beard trimmer is even more important. It’s an absolute must to keep your beard in tip-top shape!

Tighten Skin

To firm up your sagging skin and get rid of age spots you could user laser rejuvenation to get the results you want without risky surgery. If you want to do it at home then the Affirm Laser is perhaps the best tool for the job. It targets deep into your skin and stimulates the production of collage to firm your skin. It also uses pulsed light technology for the skin near the surface to get rid of redness and balance your pigmentation. The pricetag? $500.

For Fuller Lashes

If you want to get fuller lashes but don’t want to deal with mascara then LashDip is the solution for you. This treatment is kind of like a creamier version of a lash tint. It will darken and plump up your lashes and, best of all, lasts for a month. There are some salons that specialise in LashDip and can keep your eyelashes looking great for weeks. Treatments generally start at around $250.

Keeping Facial Skin Healthy

You need to keep your face clean to get rid of dirt, makeup, and all the other stuff that can lead to acne and spots. The Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Cleaning system makes your face as clean as can be with its mechanical brush that moves at 300 times a second to get rid of the debris in your face far more effectively than any face wash could. It also stimulates the circulation of blood in your face and effectively massages you. It can be yours for just $195.


Do you want anti-aging in a bottle? Then the High Potency Evening Repair Cream from Perricone MD is for you. It gets rid of fine lines and pores with a cavalcade of potent ingredients that work together to give you great skin. It also makes use of DMAE, an organic compound that can stimulate your nerves and muscles to tighten and firm the skin, along with alpha lipoic acid; an antioxidant that detoxifies you and gets rid of the free radicals that are damaging your skin. It’s one of the most powerful anti-aging over-the-counter cosmetics and will set you back $95.

Serums for Sun Damage

A lot of science and research has gone into DNA Total Repair. This facial serum from NEOVA makes use of marine enzymes to repair the DNA damage caused by exposure to the sun. It also includes antioxidants that help protect you from further sun damage in the future. It’s an overall great product for protecting yourself from the sun. It costs $99 and for a 1.7fl oz. bottle.

While you might balk at the price of these products you can also be sure that they will do exactly what they say. They are worth the price if you feel that the effects are something you want.


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