The Best Light Up LED Shower Heads

An LED shower head is, quite simply, a shower head with built in LEDs that light the shower head up. They also usually have other features of showerheads and come in different kinds such as rain shower heads, dual shower heads, or high pressure shower heads. There are two main kinds of LED shower heads; shower heads that light up in response to the temperature of the water (these are the best kind, but also more expensive) and shower heads that randomly change color.

How do LED Shower Heads Work?

LED shower heads work when the water flows through a tiny turbine which produces enough power to light the LEDs up and add some color to your shower. Then you also have temperature sensitive shower heads that have change color according to the temperature of the water. The following are some of the best LED light up shower heads on the market.

DreamSpa LED Light Up Shower Head

The DreamSpa is one of the best light up shower heads and it is a temperature sensitive LED Shower head. There are three colors with the head lighting up blue for cold water under 95F (35C), green for warm water between 95-108F, red for hot water between 109-122F(43-50C) and they flash red for water hotter than that, which is when water becomes scalding and dangerous.

It also has other features such as hydro-mist and a water-saving pulse as well as angle adjustment, a chrome finish, and easy installation. You shouldn’t need a plumber to install the DreamSpa.

PowerSpa 3-Way LED Shower Combo

The PowerSpa shower is a little similar to the DreamSpa but it’s different in that it’s a combo shower head that comes with both a handheld and an overhead shower head. Almost everyone that has bought this shower head loves it and it also has a very friendly price tag considering what it does.

There are four settings for this battery-free LED light up shower head. You can choose between water saving economy, massage, rain and a combo of rain and massage. Another key difference is that this showerhead isn’t temperature sensitive. Instead it just changes between 7 colors every few seconds.

Luminex: TM Air-Turbo LED Combo Shower Head

The LuminexTM Air-Turbo is another example of an excellent shower head with great ratings and a great value price tag. One of the best things about this shower head is that, much like the PowerSpa, it’s a dual showerhead that comes with both a handheld head and an overhead one.

The features included in this showerhead are pretty similar to the other two as well. The showerhead has a 2.5GPM water flow (the highest legal flow) and is a multi-function three-way shower with 24 settings for the color changing features. It also comes with a one year warranty and is powered by the water flowing through the head.

Both of the heads have four settings to choose from. There is a massage function, a rain function, a combination of massage and rain, and a water saving/pause mode.

These are just three examples of the best color changing LED light up shower heads on the market. There are plenty more out there but you can’t go wrong with one of the above three. A color changing light up shower head adds some fun to your showers and, in the case of temperature sensitive shower heads, can serve a useful function by alerting you to the temperature of your water.

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