The True Story Behind the Mapping of Pokémon Go

The True Story Behind the Mapping of Pokémon Go

It didn’t take very long for Pokémon Go to take over the world. On the plus side a lot more people are getting outside than ever. On the downside some of them are getting into some pretty stupid situations. One thing in particular that’s confusing many is the way the map was arranged. How did Niantic (the developers) choose where Pokéstops (where players get items) and gyms (where trainers battle) were? How did they decide which Pokémon would be where? It’s actually an interesting story.

Where Did the Pokéstops and Gyms Come From?

The data behind the Pokéstops and gyms comes from another Niantic game called Ingress. Ingress was a game similar to Pokémon Go that included locations like Pokéstops and gyms. These locations were chosen using historical monuments and markers, along with public artwork from photos that were geo-tagged on Google. Pokémon Go uses the same database. Though of course the locations are turned into Pokéstops and Gyms instead! We can’t say for sure but Ingress have said that there are Pokéstops in Antarctica and the North Pole because some portals (the version of Pokéstops in Ingress) ended up there.

How Pokémon Locations were Decided

The data about which Pokémon show up where is based on another set of data entirely. The Pokémon locations were determined by geographical markers. There are a lot of different mapping designations such as bodies of water, whether the area is a zoo or a park, and lots of other things. So basically water Pokémon will generally show up near water.

While Niantic couldn’t get into too many details they also said that there was another set of data about geographical classifications including the climate and vegetation of an area. This data even includes the kind of soil there. All of this is used to put Pokémon in a location that feels appropriate to that type of Pokémon.

How Players are Kept Safe

Ever since the launch of Pokémon Go the world of social media has been filled with tales of people going to some real extremes to try and catch ‘em all. Niantic say that, to them, trainer safety has always been important to them. It was important that Ingress portals (which are now stops and gyms) were in publically accessible areas. So now the Stops and Gyms are also in safe and convenient locations. This hasn’t stopped reports that people have found their way into some strange locations though.

Niantic have also said the same thoughts went into the Pokémon themselves. They wanted to limit spawning so that Pokémon shouldn’t spawn on roads or in places where players would have to do something risky/stupid to catch them. There is no need to go towards a Pokémon as soon as it pops up. Just click on it and stay somewhere safe out of the way. That was the idea anyway. Walking down the street with your head hunched over your phone is hardly the safest way to walk down a street after all. Don’t forget to look up every so often!

The Future

Ingress have said they have some pretty big plans for Pokémon Go. One of the first things they want to do is further develop Pokéstops and Gyms to add some depth to the game. Right now players can attach a lure to a Stop to make Pokémon appear, but there are plans to do much more than just this.

They also plan to introduce Pokémon trading to the game. It’s something they believe will help drive the spirit of cooperation, competition, and social interaction aspects of the game. Many of the plans they have for Pokéstops and Gyms are also built around this idea.

If you’re a fan of Pokémon Go then the future definitely looks interesting.


The Best Light Up LED Shower Heads

The Best Light Up LED Shower Heads

An LED shower head is, quite simply, a shower head with built in LEDs that light the shower head up. They also usually have other features of showerheads and come in different kinds such as rain shower heads, dual shower heads, or high pressure shower heads. There are two main kinds of LED shower heads; shower heads that light up in response to the temperature of the water (these are the best kind, but also more expensive) and shower heads that randomly change color.

How do LED Shower Heads Work?

LED shower heads work when the water flows through a tiny turbine which produces enough power to light the LEDs up and add some color to your shower. Then you also have temperature sensitive shower heads that have change color according to the temperature of the water. The following are some of the best LED light up shower heads on the market.

DreamSpa LED Light Up Shower Head

The DreamSpa is one of the best light up shower heads and it is a temperature sensitive LED Shower head. There are three colors with the head lighting up blue for cold water under 95F (35C), green for warm water between 95-108F, red for hot water between 109-122F(43-50C) and they flash red for water hotter than that, which is when water becomes scalding and dangerous.

It also has other features such as hydro-mist and a water-saving pulse as well as angle adjustment, a chrome finish, and easy installation. You shouldn’t need a plumber to install the DreamSpa.

PowerSpa 3-Way LED Shower Combo

The PowerSpa shower is a little similar to the DreamSpa but it’s different in that it’s a combo shower head that comes with both a handheld and an overhead shower head. Almost everyone that has bought this shower head loves it and it also has a very friendly price tag considering what it does.

There are four settings for this battery-free LED light up shower head. You can choose between water saving economy, massage, rain and a combo of rain and massage. Another key difference is that this showerhead isn’t temperature sensitive. Instead it just changes between 7 colors every few seconds.

Luminex: TM Air-Turbo LED Combo Shower Head

The LuminexTM Air-Turbo is another example of an excellent shower head with great ratings and a great value price tag. One of the best things about this shower head is that, much like the PowerSpa, it’s a dual showerhead that comes with both a handheld head and an overhead one.

The features included in this showerhead are pretty similar to the other two as well. The showerhead has a 2.5GPM water flow (the highest legal flow) and is a multi-function three-way shower with 24 settings for the color changing features. It also comes with a one year warranty and is powered by the water flowing through the head.

Both of the heads have four settings to choose from. There is a massage function, a rain function, a combination of massage and rain, and a water saving/pause mode.

These are just three examples of the best color changing LED light up shower heads on the market. There are plenty more out there but you can’t go wrong with one of the above three. A color changing light up shower head adds some fun to your showers and, in the case of temperature sensitive shower heads, can serve a useful function by alerting you to the temperature of your water.

Checkout full shower head reviews over at ShowerHeadly.


The Best of the CES 2016 Award Winners

The Best of the CES 2016 Award Winners

Every year technological giants and start-ups alike flock to Vegas for the CES; a showcase of the best current technology and the a glimpse at the future. There’s always something great at the CSE (Consumer Electronics Show” each year and this year was no different. Here’s a look at some of the big winners of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Chevy Bolt Electric Car

The Chevy Bolt electric car was one of the best things overall at the show. Everyone loves the Tesla and dreams about what it would be like to have a truly brilliant electronic car but the fact is that $59,500 base model price, not to mention the $105,000 price tag on a great version of the car, is more than enough to put people off. The Chevy Bolt manages to be the perfect car that the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf just can’t be. It might not win you a race, and it might not brag to your friends on Facebook for you, but it can take you 200 miles without using any gasoline, has an impressive recharge rate, and a much friendlier price tag of $30,000. Best of all? It’s set be released this year.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Laptop with OLED Screen

This Yoga Laptop is one of the best things to come out of the CES as far as computers go. OLED is the current major trend in the computer world and it’s not hard to see why. OLED technology is all over phones and TVs but it’s still not been properly utilised in computers. Things are finally changing now though and many laptops are being created with OLED screens.

The best of all of these is the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. The X1 Yoga was picked not for the OLED screen, as each of the OLEDs there looked great, but because it was the best everyday notebook at the show. It’s put together brilliantly complete with a super powered battery and top notch tech. While the other tech companies brought their best only Lenovo brought something that had a little bit of everything.

Genworth R701 Exoskeleton Aging Simulator

One of the best things about the CES is the weird and wonderful tech that gets showcased. What stood out in particular this year was the Genworth R701 Exoskeleton with Aging Simulator. It may not have been the most incredible but it does change the way that you see the world. Rather than making you stronger or faster (as most people want exoskeletons to do) it’s designed to make you slower and weaker. To put it simply it makes you feel old.

There’s a lot of technology behind the aging effect of the exoskeleton. It makes it hard for you to move to simulate arthritis and loss of muscle while it even has a headset that can simulate hearing loss and glaucoma. Using just one of these effects would really screw with your head but combining them? You can bet it will do a number to you. It’s debilitating and that’s really the point of the exoskeleton. We already have technology that lets men feel what it’s like to have periods and give birth and now we have technology that makes it possible for young people to feel old. Pregnancy simulators increased empathy towards women and we’re interested to see if the exoskeleton has the same effect for old people.


All about Amazon Dash Buttons: A Revolution in Ecommerce

All about Amazon Dash Buttons: A Revolution in Ecommerce

In order to survive online, a company needs to evolve and adapt over time. And this is a concept that has been adopted by Amazon. In order to keep up to date with the constant evolution of the internet and Ecommerce, they have created a revolutionary product: The Dash buttons. We will talk about them on this article. If you want to discover everything about them, then you should stay here and read, because this article is going to give you an excellent overview over these revolutionary Amazon Dash Buttons.

The Change Has Arrived

The change has arrived with these buttons, because they allow you to order your favorite products with just a single click. You don’t have to log in to your Amazon account, select the products and all of that boring process. The only thing you need to do is to get one of these buttons and that’s it. You only have to click it and you will get your product.

It’s a revolutionary product in fact, because it simplifies the normal process. It offers benefits for both parts: the company and the client. The benefit is self-evident: you can order with a simple click. And these buttons have causes quite a controversy in the ecommerce world, because they have been recognized as an innovative way to loosen the typical process of buying online. And it adds more profits to the company. As you can see it’s an excellent win-win situation for both parts.

The change has arrived and it’s something quite innovative, because no other company out there has dared to do this. That’s why Amazon is always taking the edge in this ecommerce race, because they have proven once again that they care quite creative when it comes to business.

The Options:

 You can choose amongst 100+ different Dash Buttons. For example, you can order from Clorox, Brawny, Tide, Ice Breakers, Schiff, Vitafusion, etc. You have every kind of product at your disposal. You only have to place it in a visible place, and once you run out of a product, you only have to click the button, confirm the order in your phone and that’s it.

The system works pretty easily. You only have to set-up a default order, then you click the button and Amazon will ship your selected order. It works very easily, so you don’t have to mess up with nothing that’s too technical. Amazon has done a great job here, because they have simplified things to a minimal expression.

And as it seems this new product by Amazon has been received very well by customers. These buttons can be purchased for only $4 each. You can buy as many as you need, so you can place them in strategic places so you don’t forget. And as we have said, these buttons will allow you to simply your life, because you will never more run out of your most important supplies… never more!


Is InvisiMist the Future of Portable Air Conditioners?

Is InvisiMist the Future of Portable Air Conditioners?

People may be finding it difficult to think warmer weather could be coming right now but it’s on its way. Slowly but surely. It’s been shown that the colder the winter is the warmer the summer will be so it’s best to prepare ahead of time. One way to get ready is to get your hands on a portable air conditioner.

A portable air conditioner is a fantastic way to stay cool if you need something other than a central air cooling system or want something on top of your current system. A portable AC is also the ideal solution for people living in apartments as many apartments don’t have central air cooling and have strict HOAs that mean you can’t use a window unit. They also offer an option for homeowners to save on the exuberant energy bills that come with keeping cool. A portable air conditioner means that you’re only paying for the rooms you stay in rather than the whole house.

Portable air conditioners have come a long way since the technology was first introduced. One such advancement was dual hose configurations. This is where air is brought in from outside the room as well as inside of it. This makes the air conditioner far more efficient. Using an automatic timer lets you schedule when the unit works which gives you control and can save you a lot of time and money. Self-evaporative technology will evaporate and exhaust the moisture in a room as well as the warm air so you stay dry as well as cool. Those are just some of the ways that air conditioning has changed and become more efficient and convenient. The latest evolution that can change everything comes from Avallon.

Avallon Portable Air Conditioners
Avallon recently released their latest line of top-notch portable air conditioners. These air conditioners come in 12,000 BTU and 14,000 BTU outputs and offer plenty of cooling while looking cool in platinum and slate grey. They come with everything you’d expect a top-end air conditioner to come with – the dual-hose configuration, self-evaporating technology, a large coverage area, multiple speeds, an automatic timer, and also an automatic mode that does a good job running itself. They also come with one of the latest advents; InvisiMist technology.

What is InvisiMist?
The best portable air conditioners will also remove moisture as well as heat. Unfortunately not every drop of moisture can be pulled out of the more humid areas of your home. If this happens the water is collected in an internal reservoir. InvisiMist takes the water in this reservoir and removes it.

How does InvisiMust Technology Work?
InvisiMist technology uses an internal pump, water line, and misting nozzle in order to remove water. Sensors automatically detect when the reservoir has been filled up and then prompt the unit to remove the water. This starts with the internal pump moving the water from the reservoir through the connected water line. It then travels through the line until it reaches the misting nozzle at the exhaust end. Finally the misting nozzle turns the water into a fine mist and sprays it harmlessly outside the unit.

What Are the Benefits of Using InvisiMist Technology?
While every air conditioner has one of these reservoirs they tend to automatically shut off when they fill up. Most units will not alert you to this and you need to realise it for yourself and then get rid of the water and restart the unit. It’s often a bothersome chore to do and is especially cumbersome for people with physical limitations.

It’s even worse if the portable air conditioner shuts down when you are away from the room or asleep. You can wake up in a hot sweat or return to the room and discover it’s become incredibly humid in your absence. Avallon’s InvisiMist technology can work even in the most humid of environments to ensure that your air conditioner never stops working because it gets full.

If you’re looking at picking up a portable air conditioner then the range of Avallon portable air conditioners are something you need to look at. While they do come with a higher-end price tag they also offer you far more than your average air conditioner unit. If you don’t mind having to manually empty the water reservoir yourself then you may not feel the extra investment is worth it. If you live on the coast or want an air conditioner that can take care of itself then an InvisiMist air conditioner is definitely for you.


Purchasing Personalized Hoodies Online: My Experience

Purchasing Personalized Hoodies Online: My Experience

So I recently was tasked with the project of ordering the personalized hoodies for my hockey team’s outing next month after our annual late-January hockey tournament. After searching online through a plethra of custom printed t-shirt websites, I came across me be the first to say this was exactly what I was looking for!

The thing I found easiest on their site was the ability to simply ‘Create Now’


Once I clicked on that, there was quite a few options between college hoodies, hooded sweatshirts, flex fleece zip hoodies and even a thing called zoodies (yes you heard right!) Anyhow we ended up choosing the Gildan Heavy Blend™ Adult Hooded Sweatshirt because of the variety of colours available, it was available in small to double XL (good for the larger members of our team, particularly our goalie who is no small fella.)

Once we selected which shirt we wanted, we dove right into the t-shirt creator (and see how easy it looks?) I am not the most computer-savvy but this made it really really easy! I had a design from my graphic artist buddy, but let’s say I hadn’t … they have the ability to add text and/or team name to the hoodie.


Next I was able to generate a preview of our team’s hoodie, and BAM! ready for order. For the low price of $422.32 (before shipping) I was able to search, create, and order our shirts in less than 10 minutes. I am really pumped about getting these shirts, and I am confident My Personalized Hoodies will deliver! Just figured I would share my great experience if any of our followers were looking for custom/embroidered shirts, visit their site today! They also just launched another similar site located at


High Tech Beauty Products That are Worth the Money

High Tech Beauty Products That are Worth the Money

There are some treatments out there with high price tags and low results. Then there are products that manage to deliver on their promises. The following beauty products may be high tech and high price but they’re definitely worth the money.

Keeping Wrinkles at Bay

There are plenty of LED light therapy devices you can use at home these days but perhaps the most effective is the Quasar MD. It’s a handheld device that uses natural red and infrared light energy and can be as effective as the machines used by medical professionals. This light energy is used by the body to increase blood flow to give you a rosy complexion. It also stimulates the production of collagen to reduce wrinkles. It can be used for just 15 minutes per treatment and will set you back $795.

Beard Trimmers

Well, what can we say about Beards? Men have absolutely gone all in on the bearded look over the past couple of years. Choosing your beard trimmer is even more important. It’s an absolute must to keep your beard in tip-top shape!

Tighten Skin

To firm up your sagging skin and get rid of age spots you could user laser rejuvenation to get the results you want without risky surgery. If you want to do it at home then the Affirm Laser is perhaps the best tool for the job. It targets deep into your skin and stimulates the production of collage to firm your skin. It also uses pulsed light technology for the skin near the surface to get rid of redness and balance your pigmentation. The pricetag? $500.

For Fuller Lashes

If you want to get fuller lashes but don’t want to deal with mascara then LashDip is the solution for you. This treatment is kind of like a creamier version of a lash tint. It will darken and plump up your lashes and, best of all, lasts for a month. There are some salons that specialise in LashDip and can keep your eyelashes looking great for weeks. Treatments generally start at around $250.

Keeping Facial Skin Healthy

You need to keep your face clean to get rid of dirt, makeup, and all the other stuff that can lead to acne and spots. The Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Cleaning system makes your face as clean as can be with its mechanical brush that moves at 300 times a second to get rid of the debris in your face far more effectively than any face wash could. It also stimulates the circulation of blood in your face and effectively massages you. It can be yours for just $195.


Do you want anti-aging in a bottle? Then the High Potency Evening Repair Cream from Perricone MD is for you. It gets rid of fine lines and pores with a cavalcade of potent ingredients that work together to give you great skin. It also makes use of DMAE, an organic compound that can stimulate your nerves and muscles to tighten and firm the skin, along with alpha lipoic acid; an antioxidant that detoxifies you and gets rid of the free radicals that are damaging your skin. It’s one of the most powerful anti-aging over-the-counter cosmetics and will set you back $95.

Serums for Sun Damage

A lot of science and research has gone into DNA Total Repair. This facial serum from NEOVA makes use of marine enzymes to repair the DNA damage caused by exposure to the sun. It also includes antioxidants that help protect you from further sun damage in the future. It’s an overall great product for protecting yourself from the sun. It costs $99 and for a 1.7fl oz. bottle.

While you might balk at the price of these products you can also be sure that they will do exactly what they say. They are worth the price if you feel that the effects are something you want.